< Dashboard >
Intelligent management of the activity

A global view of your activity. Statistics, key figures and performance graphs allowing analysis and use of data for good decision-making.

Number of appointments made during the day
Number of consultations per doctor
Number of patients registered per year
Other personalized key figures
< Appointment >
Simplified management of appointments

Management and planning of availability in real time, at the same second, when making appointments at the reception. Then, a simple, intuitive and complete schedule is generated for the doctors. The app also allows reminder notifications to be sent to patients via email / text.

Appointment management in a few clicks
Assignment of appointments to doctors
Easy to use planning
Intuitive, visual and synchronized in real time
< Patients >
Patient management

With just a few clicks, the application allows you to manage and gain insight into the medical history of each of your patients. Their profiles also contain their personal information, the history of their consultations, their files and reports, etc. iCareWeb also allows you to automatically send patients reminders of their scheduled checks.

Viewing documents and notes relating to each patient on their profile
Preserving confidentiality by protecting patient records
Viewing upcoming appointments and canceling or postponing visits
Reminder notifications sent by email.
< Staff >
Management of medical staff

Planning management for nursing staff with profiles that provide access to their personal and professional information as well as the history of their activities and daily tasks.

Consultation of the profile of each staff member
Instant synchronization of appointments in doctors' schedules, no double bookings.
Waiting list accessible and visible to doctors
Viewing upcoming appointments and canceling or postponing visits
< Drawing tools >
Electronic mapping

In addition to the option of creating various relevant templates (Chief Complaint, Note, Body Chart, etc.), the application is equipped with a drawing tool for handwriting notes in a patient’s file or to draw shorthand graphics and symbols on it.

A library of templates and models of graphics and documents at your disposal.
Hand drawing tool in patient charts.
On tablet, iPad or pc, mapping is easy.
On tablet, iPad or pc, mapping is easy.
Automatic registration of drafts.
< Documentation >
File integration

The application offers the possibility of importing or exporting any type of document (list of patients, appointments, reports and patient files, etc.)

Import of files of several types of format (image, excel, word, ...).
Export of all types of files including the templates entered on the application.
Export in different formats (PDF, excel, ...).
< Confidentiality >
Data protection

The administrator of the web platform can manage the authentication methods of the various user accounts as well as the authorizations and authorizations of each of them.

Strict confidentiality.
Flexible privacy settings.
Possibility to protect specific medical files by password.
< Setting >
Customization of the platform

iCareWeb respects your brand image by allowing you to personalize your platform through the configuration module. You can import your logo and professional data (addresses, contact details, etc.).

Platform adapted to your professional image.
Pleasant and transparent user experience (admin, staff, ...).